Fear to Freedom:  How to turn the audition experience from a neurotic, 
self-hating battlefield into an act of artistry and magnetic wonder.
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Your Two Biggest Problems With Auditioning And The Solution
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  •  Power Audition Technique Honing is NOT an acting class! It ignites and DRAMATICALLY improves whatever audition process you are currently using - it works with any and every acting technique!!! 
  •  It is designed to be used from the moment you get the audition info, all the way through the post-audition "what the f**k just happened!?" emotional/psychological whirlwind and everything in between, including real solutions for "How do I remember the lines!!!???" and the dreaded NERVES!!!!   
  •  A practical and very specific system that gives you a PATH to bravely walk through and harness your natural fears, while allowing you to transform your audition into a dazzling display of artistry!  
Lindsey Morgan - Raven Reyes on CW's The 100
“I found Greg at a crossroads in my life and profession. I knew I wanted to take my career to the next level and felt ready but did not know how. It seemed like I kept self-sabotaging myself due to my own  fears and was paralyzed in neutral. Greg helped me set a clear and  focused path. Suddenly, I wasn’t stressing myself out or  catastrophizing every situation. Instead, I was making progress so  quickly and simply, within a month I booked a big recurring role CW’s  “The 100″ that eventually became a series regular! I feel I really owe  a lot to Greg and his methods. I intend to use them in all aspects of my life, forever. Thank you Greg!”
Brent Pope
"In just the past year, while working with Greg one-on-one and taking his class, I’ve booked a bunch of TV shows: Roseanne, Silicon Valley,  Better Things, Speechless, The Assassination of Gianni Versace:  American Crime Story, Rosewood, Living Biblically, as well as 2 indie films and a big Jack in the Box spot!! The PATH technique has simply  changed the entire auditioning process for me - no one can give you the tools needed to book the job better than Greg!"
Jeremiah Caleb
“Greg - I just wanted to tell you how much the PATH method has helped me. Since I last saw you,  EVERY single commercial audition has resulted in a callback! And last month, I booked a major role on Criminal Minds! I was on set for 5 days and there were moments I felt I could just burst from joy! My work with you really helped me break down some barriers in my  auditioning process. Thank you!”
Julie Lake – Angie Rice Netflix’s Orange Is The New  Black
"Greg is super smart about teaching you how to regroup, recommit, and rework your technique. I have a much more practical attitude about what it means to commit to something and how to persist even when I’m not perfect. I’m also amazed by how much I avoid every day because I’m subconsciously afraid or anxious about it. Greg has helped me to be much more conscious about my fears and old beliefs when I’m acting, or not acting.” 
About Greg Sims
"I have been a professional, working actor for over twenty years (you
can check me out on IMDB) and have been coaching actors, one-one-one
and in classes/workshops, in both Power Audition Technique Honing
(PATH) and Practical Goal Setting Technique (PGST) for over a decade. My clients range from those just entering the biz, to celebrities, leads
of hit TV shows and Emmy winners. It has been a profound joy
witnessing my clients and students, through using my techniques, go on
to become Series Regulars, book roles in major films, and have not
only their audition process and careers transformed, but their entire
approach to creativity itself.

How was PATH and PGST born? In 2002, I hit bottom with addiction to drugs and alcohol. With the generous help of others who had overcome
compulsions similar to my own, I soon found a path toward physical
sobriety. The key to this path was an intrinsically linked combination
of Acceptance and Surrender, i.e. – discovering what is in my power
and what is not in my power. The key itself had been forged in the
fires of my own suffering, or, to put it more precisely, forged in a
new understanding and new relationship with that suffering.

Eventually, I felt called to re-address my career and skills as a
professional actor with this deeper yet fledgling experiential
understanding on the nature of power. I began to ask myself – 'What am
I truly pursuing? – Do I even know? What are the skills necessary to
building an artistic career of substance? Do I possess these
skills, and if not how might I acquire them? How does my calling to be
a professional actor relate to the larger principles of my life?'
Engaging with questions such as these were the seeds of PATH." 
More Success Stories
"Working with Greg has changed my life. Within ONE month of working with Greg I booked a part in a major blockbuster film, a guest star in a pilot and a role in a web series. I did all of that by using the PATH system. Power Audition Technique Honing is designed to help any actor conquer their fears. It helps to identify exactly what is holding you back and then teaches you how to break through. Not only has Greg helped to get my career going, he has also helped bring a balance into my life and has just made me a happier person over-all."  
 - Robbie Silverman
“Since starting my work with Greg, my auditions have transformed. I booked my first TV credits! I now have a set of tools I can take into my auditions. Not a general set of tools but a tangible list of things I can do that is personal to me. I'm no longer "wingin' it" out of fear. I'm facing my auditions head on. Greg is truly a master. He'll 
keep you actively honing whatever your audition technique is with humor, empathy and all kinds of wisdom along the way. “
 - Giuliana Carullo
Working with Greg has transformed so many parts of my life that, prior to working with him, were lost to anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. I am more confident in audition rooms/ classes/meetings as I have finally addressed the real fears preventing me from moving forward, and because of that, the work I am doing in my everyday life provides me with a tangible progress that has allowed me to take my confidence and my life back, not wait for it to happen. Greg’s method is completely unique; it has given me back control through productivity and action, through forward thinking, and through addressing my fears, all in a completely doable, no bullshit system that has changed twenty years of bad habits!
 - Alex Oliver
“I started working with Greg at a time when I was feeling lost and directionless. I made more literal progress within two months of working with him then I had in the last five years of trying to do it myself. I booked a major recurring role on NBC’s ‘Chicago PD’! I honestly don’t believe I would be where I’m at in my career if it wasn’t for Greg”
 - Samuel Hunt - Craig Gurwitch on NBC's Chicago P.D.
 This is a FREE video series and no credit card is required. Simple access with your email.
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